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Implementing a billpay kiosk project has many moving parts. Let U.S. Payments manage the process.

Free Download: Implementing a Billpay Kiosk Project

Businesses such as utilities, mobile phone providers and other operations where customers make regular payments are aware of the benefits of incorporating self-service billpay kiosks into their offerings. The elimination of customer queues, the ability to provide services in areas where it may not be feasible to open a brick-and-mortar location and dependable 24-hour operation are just a few of the benefits operators can realize though the use of such devices.

White Paper Highlights

There’s a tremendous amount of work and planning that needs to take place before the first customer interacts with a self-service kiosk. In this white paper, we’ll go through some of the steps of implementing a kiosk deployment and de-mystify the process. Kiosk production, software selection, location selection, installation, back-end API's, internet, PCI-Compliance, marketing, cash handling, and maintenance are all pieces of the project. Turn-key solutions like U.S. Payments PaySite kiosk make payment kiosk projects easier and allow companies to focus more on what they do best.