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Prepaid programs and PaySite. Where 1+1=3.

Free Download: Paducah's PayGo Success

As part of an effort to better serve its cash-preferred customers, Paducah Power System recently launched its PayGo program as an alternative to traditional monthly billing. “In the utility sector, organizations are slow to change or slow to adapt technology,” Underwood said. “We felt that we were at a point when the time had come to utilize kiosks. Customers often expect to have contact with us via technology as opposed to a human being. The PaySite achieves this point of service to our customers.”

White Paper Highlights

PayGo gives customers flexibility and control over their electric usage and their payment schedule by offering them the ability to make several small payments on their utility bill throughout the month instead of one larger payment. To get the maximum benefit from the PayGo program and to serve unbanked or underbanked customers who prefer to pay their bills in cash and/or in person, though, PPS needed to supplement its online and pay-by-phone 

channels with another payment option that wouldn’t bog down its payment office.